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Loot Policy

Remnants Gaming distribute loot through a Loot Council.

We make use of the addon RC Loot Council which allows eligible members to cast their bids for loot that has dropped, and for council members to cast their votes on who should receive the loot.

RC Loot Council presents the council with key pieces of information:

  • What item you are upgrading from.
  • Which loot you have previously received (and when).
  • What your current iLvl is.
  • Your guild rank
  • Your raid role.
  • Your bid type (clarified below).
  • Any notes you have included in your bid*

* In your bid notes section, you should include anything relevant to potential use of the item. In particular, trinkets, which are sometimes changed depending on fights. If a trinket is BIS for one fight only, it's a BIS bid, but it should be included in the notes that this is a one-fight-only piece of loot.


So how do the votes get decided?

The council will consider a range of factors when deciding how to cast their vote. The objective of the loot council is to consider a range of factors and decide what is best for the progression goals of the guild, whilst also considering how to best reward our most consistent and reliable performers. Some notes on this below:

Progression Goals

The council will consider what loot distribution will best benefit the raid group for the immediate future progression encounters.

Rewarding Players

Players who have high attendance and consistent high performance should be rewarded for their efforts. The loot council will often favour players who consistently rank high and attend a high percentage of raids.

Fair & Even Distribution

Where appropriate, loot should be shared in a reasonably fair manner. The loot council will consider factors such as 'Number of Loot pieces received recently' when casting their vote.

Upgrade Potential

The council will review upgrade potential when distributing loot. This will fall in line with the objective of distributing the loot in a way that benefits the raid group as a whole. ie If the #1 DPS has voted on a Mythic Warforged item upgrading from a Mythic item and one of the other DPS is upgrading from a Heroic version, it would typically be better for the raid group to deliver this piece to the second raider.

Guild Rank

This is not a rule that is enforced to the letter, but is a factor to be considered when the council is casting their vote. If a Core Raider is bidding for loot against a Trial, in almost all cases the Core Raider will receive the loot. Council, Officers and GM are not favoured over Core Raider ranks - However people in the leadership team are generally chosen for their leadership skills, performance and attendance which are factors that are heavily weighted in the loot bidding process.


How should I bid for loot?

First and formost - ensure you have the most recent version of RC Loot Council. Then follow the guidelines below to make the correct bid choice.


This is your BIS item with nothing better possible for this slot, You will use this to notify the officers that this Item is BIS for you, if you have a normal Mythic version of an item that is BIS and a wf/socket item drops you still choose BIS and the loot council will weight the level of your upgrade. (Note Tier WF/socket will always use the WF button to bid due to RNG) An item you bid BIS will only be replaced by a higher ilvl/socketed version of itself. Additional information should be included in the notes section to explain the bid further.

Perfect Stats

This item has perfect stats for your spec but a higher ilvl item from a later boss is your best in slot - This is used for an item that is very good for you due to itemization but will still be replaced. Again continue to use this button until you have MWF/socket/Tertiary Piece.


This item is an upgrade for you but does not have perfect stats and is not bis - Mainspec bids will largely be for items that aren't itemized well for you but are a large enough ilvl increase to warrant an upgrade.

WF/Minor Upgrade

Use this to express interest in a tier piece you have but want to roll for WF/Socket. Also can be use to express interest in an item you are not fussed about using but will put to some use if it would otherwise be DE'd. Offspec Item for an offspec(Specs primarily used outside of raid) and/or transmog. Additional information should be included in the notes section to explain the bid further.


Pass... duh.

Example 1:

As a DK Fel Lord Zakuun's Axe is BIS and as such is the only weapon a DK would hit BIS for and would continue to do this until a DK had MWF/Socket/Tertiary Stat. Since this weapon has perfect stats for a DK, and no other weapon in HFC does Every other 2-Hander a DK would select Mainspec for. As a Warrior however, Archimonde's Sword is BIS and should be the only BIS selection from them, the sword from Council which has the same secondary stats but lower item level would become the Perfect Stats option while the Fel Lord/Tyrant 2-Handers would become Mainspec bids. As a Paladin Archimonde's sword is also BIS for Ret and is the BIS selection, The mace from Tyrant would be the Paladin's Perfect Stats options and all remaining 2-Handers Mainspec options.

Example 2:

Boomkins use 3 trinkets for Effective DPS on different fights and as such will select BIS for all 3 of these trinkets and continue doing so until they had MWF/Socket/Tertiary Stat. Additional information should be included in the notes section to explain the bid further.